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Tastes and traditions change with time, of course. If it didn't we might all have Avocado refigerators and Orange counter tops. So don't be too surprised that MGs of the late 1950's and early 1960's might have some odd colors (by modern standards). It was a time when car makers were exercising some new capabilities in bright paint colors, giving us Tyrolite Green, Alamo Beige, and Glacier Blue. By the late 60's some of those colors had already lost their attraction, and cars were being repainted in "less obnoxious" colors (so to speak). That's how so many MGA came to be Red, being one of the more long term endearing standard colors available. These are exploratory pages to see what colors you might like (or hate) on your MGA (or on someone else's MGA).

British Racing Green
Feeney Green - Search for the optimum BRG
Feeney Green - Comments on the prior article
Feeney Green - The First One!
Feeney Green - The Second One
Woodlands Green

Dark Colors
Light Colors
Metalic Colors
Poison Colors

One of the most common non-standard colors, Primer. There are
lots of different shades of Primer, sometimes even multi-color cars.

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