The MGA With An Attitude


Bob Agar in Green Valley, Arizona, USA was contemplating adding some stripes to his MGA Coupe (above).

Bryan Frazier in North Carolina, USA did a quick Photoshop of the picture (at right) to add some stripes.

Photos below from Chuck Schaefer in West Chicago, Illinois, USA are real.

This wasn't looking too bad, until it came to the checkers. A listing from The thin side stripe is in keeping with the proper impression for a light weight roadster. The painted bumpers are a novel idea, about 15 years ahead of its time. Looks like the broad strips on the bonnet continue onto top of the grille.

A serious cooling problem, and no budget for chrome? Looks hungry. I was almost convinced that an MGA could be yellow, but yellow accent brake drums and knock-off nuts rub me the wrong way. It will be trouble keeping paint on the KO nuts. The one-piece body can be a future service problem if it ever needs repair. I wonder how they ever assembled the front frame extension. Are those sea horses on the front irons?

Old English White Old English White
Pinstripes. Very subtle.

Lower body stripes draw your eyes away from the upper body curves.

Black in the night Black in the night
Black in the night, from the galleries of
White with black stripes White with black stripes
Seen in Vietnam. Grille and bumpers painted black with a variety of black, stripes. There is a YouTube video for this one. Mark Hester copied the video from an old VHS-C tape originally shot by his parents in 1993 when they lived in Vietnam.

1MTW and 2MTW
A well known pair in the UK

French flag stripes on bonnet

Ron Page in Canada sends best wishes with French flag stripes on his bonnet (temporarily) at a 14 of July picnic to commemorate "La république de France".

Kenny Howard, better known as Von Dutch
Kenny Howard, better known as Von Dutch,
pin striping an MGA in 1959.
  pin stripes on an MGA
Pin stripes on an MGA,
courtesy of William Bussler
Montoursville, PA, USA

The next two were found at NAMGAR GT-40 in Frankenmuth, Michigan, in June 2015. On left, tastefully done complimentary Brown on Old English White. On right, high contrast Yellow on British Racing Green. With a slight knee-jerk reaction, on further reflection, I believe I have seen some Triumph TR4 or TR-250 with similar stripes (or maybe this style stripe just makes it look a bit like a TR).
White with brown stripes Green with yellow stripes
Red Coupe with Black/White strpes Right, seen on
Yellow with black stripe
Above, Tom G in Rosemont, PA, USA
1958 MG MGA 1500
Below seen on eBay 1/5/2016.
Light blue with dark blue stripe Light blue with dark blue stripe

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