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FEENEY GREEN - The First One!

With great anticipation (and a seven year wait) we can now present what is apparently the world's very first Feeney Green MGA.

On 5/21/2013, Jeff Wienrich wrote:
"Attached are a couple photos of my main coach painted in the BRG that is discussed on your site by Ray Feeney. It is a very stunning looking color. Not sure the photos do it justice". -- (Click for larger pictures).
The first Feeney Green MGA
The first Feeney Green MGA
Wow! From the first pictures it does look stunning indeed. The car body is sitting in the shade, so the color may actually be brighter than it appears here. I can't wait to see more as it progresses. Patience please. We don't want to rush such a piece of art.

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