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For some odd reason, light colors seem to have a problem on MGA. One color that has never worked is Bright Yellow. Some of those might be found on the "Poison Colors" page.

Alamo Beige:
Someone must really like this color to paint a 1500 or a 1600-MK-II Alamo Beige. The one on left is a little too "creamy" to be real Alamo Beige, but it looks nice in the proper setting.


Dove Grey:

Ted Persons 1600. Tan top, tonneau and interior is nice, but non-standard. Dove gray 1600 should have red interior with grey top, tonneau and side curtains. You may notice this car also has two different windscreens and a variety of accessories.

100,000th MGA 100,000th MGA 100,000th MGA
The 100,000th MGA produced with Gold body and White interior.
More information at

Island Green:
Island Green is a standard 1500 Coupe color, but not for the roadster. It also looks a bit odd with the tan interior.

Light Blue:
A bit too "creamy" to be Iris Blue, but even that would be incorrect on a 1500.

Stone Grey:
Dave Houser, Brooksville, FL: My 1960 1600 coupe in "Stone 6199". This is a warm gray as I didn't like the Dove Gray original color. I found this in an IPI Color Book that listed this color as British Car Colors from 1961-1966. BMC code BG14.

Sam Nott has this one in Tangerine orange. He called it a "poison" color, but I rather like it. I prefer to call it "bright", ranking right up there with Tyrolite Green when it is new and clean.

Most white cars are not exactly white, but some slight off white shade. Refrigerator White is sometimes used to camouflage imperfections in the surface preparation, and it is a rather uncommon color, so it just doesn't look right to the casual eye, especially when you are familiar with the standard color "Old English White".

Primrose Yellow
Primrose Yellow
an MGB color

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