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PAINT COLORS for CKD MGA in Australia - PT-142

CKD cars in Australia were all Roadsters, and were painted after local body assembly. They did use some factory standard colors, but there were also a large number of entirely different colors used for the Australian CKD roadsters. MGA Coupes and Twin Cams were originally imported Completely Built Up, so those cars would conform to the standard factory color combinations.
In general, the dash panel was always painted body color (except for a black car with red seats where the dash might be black or red). No Australian CKD cars had vinyl covered dash, so the 1600-MH-II roadsters had the dash painted body color same as the earlier roadsters. Wheels were always silver, and a hardtop (as rare as they were) would usually be black except when painted on special order. Apparently all of the convertible tops were black vinyl, regardless of the other colors, and the seats were always vinyl, not leather.

Body: Aintree Green (Chartreuse)
Alamo Beige Alamo Beige Alamo Beige
We have an original splash guard that has escaped a few resprays and cleans up fairly well. This original Aintree Green car and ID plate are provided by Chris Blake in Seven Mile Beach, Tasmania, Australia.

Body: Alamo Beige
Alamo Beige Alamo Beige Alamo Beige
The hardtop (rare in Australia) painted body color is special (normally black from the supplier).
Body: Araluen Blue
DULUX Code 09599

Body: Ash Green
Ash Green

Body: Bardiman Grey (Lark)
  • Duco (Lacquer) or Dulux (Enamel) code 2238:
    Tinter/Setting: 1012(White)/236 - 1021(Permanent Green)/239 - 1019(Reduced Black)/257 - 0300(Reduced Ochre)/300 - 1012(White)/500
    Bardiman Grey Bardiman Grey
    See following page PT-142BG for more information.

    Billeroy Blue Body: Billeroy Blue (Lightning)
  • Duco (Lacquer) or Dulux (Enamel) code 2214:
    Tinter/Setting: 1012/160 - 1016/252 - 1019/327 - 1014/337 - 1012/500
    Original tail lamp plinth in Billeroy Blue
    with new paint sample on top.

    Billeroy Blue Billeroy Blue Billeroy Blue

    Body: Black
  • Duco (Lacquer) or Dulux (Enamel) code 2222:
    Purchase Ready Mixed
    Black Black Black
    Black Photos from Thomas Aczel in Australia:
    "It was fitted by the PO with a walnut dash, which Iíve retained, cause itís grown on me. The steering wheel has since been replaced with a Moto Lita reproduction of the originally offered optional woodrim steering wheel. This was a pale oak colour but an antique furniture restorer has restained it to match the walnut dashboard very well".

    Body: Black: Momba Black
    Momba Black Momba Black I don't know what makes this color different from "Black", but there's the original Car No. plate with the official factory color name stamp.
    "I have a 1960 mga 1600 Mamba black with Red interior Vinyl I bought it with white striping. I don't know if this was changed. Have since fitted red carpet (looked like a cavernous hole in black carpet)". -- Bruce Lamont in Australia.

    Body: British Racing Green
    DULUX Code 00033

    Body: BR Green (Racing Green) (New RG)

    Body: BR Green - darker shade

    Body: Camden Cream
    DULUX Code 09724

    Body: Carnation Red (Monza Red)
    Carnation Red

    Body: Chariot Red; Dash: Chariot Red; Wheels: Silver; Hardtop: Black;
    Seats: Black/Red; Panels & Trim Rolls: Black; Spare wheel cover: Grey; Top & Side Screens: Grey; Tonneau Cover: Grey; Carpeting: Black; Door Seals: Red; Dash (Twin Cam only): Beige
    Chariot Red Chariot Red Temporary pictures, too many things wrong here. RF wheel is 1500 type (sorry), and it has Coupe seats and dash, missing door top rail. The paint is a 2k from a German manufacturer called Sandox, but it looks to dark to me (similar to Orient Red). The owner says it was originally a 1500 Coupe which he re-bodied as a 1600 roadster.

    Body: Cherry Red
    DULUX Code 09679

    Body: Cheviot Fawn
    DULUX Code 09677

    Body: Crocus Yellow
    DULUX Code 00322

    Body: Cumulus Gray
    DULUX Code 05777

    Body: Dove Grey

    Body: Emgee Red (MG Red)

    Body: Empire Green
    DULUX Code 06266

    Body: English Grey
    DULUX Code 07947

    Body: Gampian Gray
    DULUX Code 00213

    Body: Glacier Blue
    Glacier Blue

    Body: Guan Green (Aust)
    Tan trim with white piping on the seats.

    Body: Inca Yellow
    DULUX Code 00346

    Body: Iris Blue;
    Iris Blue

    Body: Island Green
    Island Green Island Green is a standard 1500 Coupe color. In Australia there were also Island Green roadsters. This one looks a bit odd with the tan interior.

    Body: Karrim (Royal) Blue
    DULUX Code 00041

    Body: Katoomba Grey
    katoomba grey Photo at left is a very good representation of the correct color. Photos below show the color as being too "blue".
    katoomba grey katoomba grey katoomba grey

    Body: Mineral Blue
    Mineral Blue

    Body: Miran Green (Aust)
    Miran Green inside of door Just the inside of a door, but it is Miran Green.

    Body: Monza Red (Carnation)
    DULUX Code 00041
    Carnation Red

    Body: Nurburg White
    DULUX Code 02191
    Nurburg White Nurburg White Nurburg White
    See following page PT-142NW for more information.

    Body: Old English White
    Old English White Old English White

    Body: Orchia
    DULUX Code 00212

    Body: Orient Red:
    DULUX Code 00345

    Body: Silverpine Green:
    DULUX Code 08232

    Body: Sky (Monaco) Blue
    DULUX Code 09921

    Body: Spruce Green
    DULUX Code 07618

    Body: Stradbroke Grey
    DULUX Code 06292

    Body: Tyrolite Green

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