The MGA With An Attitude
35-year SERVICE LOG for an MGA - CF-050D
2008-2012, 31,000 miles

See four pages:
Part A = 1977-1986, Purchase and Restoration
Part B = 1986-1998, 127,000 miles to second restoration
Part C = 1998-2008, 90,000 miles to third restoration
Part D = 2008-2012, 31,000 miles more and still counting - (You are here)

Date     Miles     Description     Cost
9/18/08 18,117 Oil, filter, lube.

4/25/09 22,133 Oil & filter. Gearbox oil, rear axle oil. Adjust
    brakes 4 wheels and hand brake cable.
6/19/09 24,591 Replace grommets on float chambers.
8/7/09 27,234 Oil & filter. Cylinder head swap. 67,371 miles on
    1600 block & “18” head. #1E valve recession. Set head aside.
    Use “older head” from #2 engine. Touch up exhaust valves, all
    new intake valves, install HD valve springs. Ex-valves a little
    down, especially #2 & #3. Intake valves new, seats like new.
    Ex-valves used but OK. Seats getting low. “A” type valves and
    keepers. Silver head gasket, new valve cover gasket, new 180dF
    thermostat AND blanking sleeve.
12/12/09 - 29,808 Ref

6/4/10 31,612 Oil, filter, lube, adjust valves and carbs. Viton seals
    front float chamber (1 yr). Reconnect fast idle link.
8/7/10 34,203 Repack front wheel bearings.
8/20/10 34,256 Repack master cylinder, bleed all hydraulics.
    Clutch side was leaking internally (again).
    Prior kit was from Moss (4/23/07 @ 07,082mi).
    This kit was from Victoria British.

9/2/10 Install Piezo Buzzer, RadioShack 273-0059

10/20/10 Repack turn signal switch for longer delay.
    Diagnose intermittent relay in t/s relay unit.
    Need to replace RadioShack relay(s).

10/21/10 35,935 Oil, filter, lube. Change gearbox oil and
    differential oil. Flush radiator & new coolant.
10/23/10 Replace exhaust ring, repair battery hold down (b-water)
10/25/10 35,939 Replace fan belt XL 25-7370. Note to self: Too long.
    Next time use one size shorter belt.

1/14/11 36,545 Replace engine mounts (finally). Make double sided.
    heat shield for carburetors (see pictures).
1/20/11 36,577 Rebuild turn signal relay (second time) using
    RadioShack relays.

6/20/11 38,281 Replace bad Mallory condenser

8/5/11 39,833 Repack Master cylinder, clutch main seal only.

10/21/11 40,942 Re-mount rear license plate plate bracket with
    proper spacers and rubber washers.

4/28/12 42,443 Oil, Filter, lube.

5/13/12 42,678 Install rebuilt front shocks (from WWAP).

7/5/12 44,030 Install 3” blower (temporarily) for carb cooling test.
7/10/12 44,171 Replace front U-joint & reset gearbox rear bush & seal

To date, 7/21/2012, the car is 105,000 miles away from accruing half a million miles. I have been cutting back a little on annual mileage, so this figures to take another 10 years or so, but I'm looking forward to it. If future inflation isn't too hard on the budget, I may be able to do the next repaint and re-trimming at half a million miles, and maybe still do it for the same $50 per month. It beats the heck out of the cost of trading in for a new car every five years.

These simple old cars are very economical to own and operate if you take proper care of the machine. It helps immensely that this particular model has retained enough value as a collector car to justify the continued maintenance and repainting and trim parts. For what it's worth, a friend with similar Do It Yourself frame of mind has rebuilt a set of seats, including stitching up his own seat covers from flat stock. You can see that exercise here:

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