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  • "A-Antics Tech Tips" by Michigan Chapter of NAMGAR
    First edition 1983. Second edition 1988. Third edition 1991 (updated 1995). Softbound 246 pgs (3rd ed). After years of being out of print and unavailable, the 3rd edition is back in print, and can be ordered direct from
    the Michigan Rowdies.
    Put this on your wish list. This large manual is full of great technical information for the MGA enthusiast. The information is much gleaned from practical experience and reflects years of accumulation from many contributors. Everything from tires to tops, bumper to bumper, including MGB engine transplants, gearing changes, substitute parts, daily maintenance, emergency repairs, body work, paint, restoration. Not many photos, but lots of good sketches and drawings.

  • "Collision Estimator Guide for MGA" (1.5-MB pdf)
    by Glenn Mitchell Collision Estimator Inc.
    Unbound - 8-1/2x11 b/w 9p. Issue 1961
    Parts replacement estimating guide giving labor hours and prices for replacing parts (in 1961 US-Dollars). Explosion drawings identifying virtually every part that might get damaged in event of a collision. This does not cover anything about repairing body panels, only replacement time.
    Also see html version of this document with plain text and separate pictures.

  • "The English Wheel Book"
    by David L. Anderson - Softbound - 8-1/2"x11" 42p plus 4-drawings
    The English Wheel is a very useful tool for forming contoured body panels. It is also rare to find one in a body shop, and almost never found in a home garage, and quite expensive to buy one. This book not only explains how it works and how to use it, but also gives detailed plans to build one from common materials.
    A few links for places to buy this Book:
    In Australia: Tee Publishing (1.4-MB pdf)
    In the USA:

  • "Engineering Technical Data, MGA Twin Cam"
    by M.G. Car Co. Ltd - Softbound - 8-1/2"x11" 90p
    This is the Technical Data Book. It was used by the MG factory to lay down the specification of the car. Each time a change was made the applicable page was altered a changed copy was sent to all important people at the factory to update their book. The distribution list at the front of the book shows who held copies, J Thornley, S Enever, A Hounslow, A Issigonis, and 25 others. It has loads of technical data not available anywhere else.

  • "Fastiner Decode Booklet for BMC Vehicles" (0.6-MB pdf)
    by British Motors Corporation - Issue 1964
    Softbound - 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" b/w 16p. booklet format
    Part numbers for BMC standard fasteners with description, dimensions and surface finish. With this information you can buy most standard fasteners from local sources. Assume strength equal to Grade-5 for general applications. Higher strength fasteners would have special part numbers with BMC. Lower strength fasteners were generally not used on the BMC cars. Also see - 8-1/2" x 11" format copy - (0.8-MB pdf)

  • "Handbook for the MGA" by Piet Olyslager (6.1-MB pdf)
    Softbound 6-1/2" x 10", 80 pgs, B/W Illustrated.
    The Peter Olyslager manuals were described, after considerable research by the International Commission on Automobile Documentation, as "The best automobile documentation so far in the world".

  • "Lucas Bulb Specifications" (2.2-MB pdf)
    by Lucas Electrical Ltd. - 8-1/2" x 11", 12 pgs.
    Listing of about 130 part numbers of Lucas light bulbs with dimensional drawings and electrical specifications for volts and watts. It does not list the millions of applications, so you need to find the proper bulb part numbers for your car in the owners manual or workshop manual or parts catalogs. It also does not specify life expectancy, but you can assume the original bulbs were not special in terms of long life.

  • "Lucas Fault Diagnosis Service Manual" (2.4-MB pdf)
    by Lucas Aftermarket Operations - Softbound 8-1/2" x 11", 44 pgs.
    For professional technicians, but easily understood by the non-professional. Covers batteries, starters, ignition, dynamos and control boxes, alternators, lighting and wipers (but no other accessories). Decent explanation of how things work, and very good instructions for diagnosis and repair.
    The only reason this one is not on my mandatory list is because most minor electrical repairs can be handled with information in the MGA Workshop Manual, some general electrical knowledge and common sense, and this level of detail is usually not required. Really good education for a cheap price though (about $7.95 if you buy one), so highly recommended reading.

  • "Lucas Generator And Control Box Tests" (0.8-MB pdf)
    by Lucas Aftermarket Operations - Softbound 8-1/2" x 11" 28p.
    Intended for the small business mechanic who may be required occasionally to diagnose and fix generator and control box faults.

  • "Lucas Generator And Control Box Tests Suppliment"
       "RB340 Suppliment" - by Lucas Aftermarket Operations
        One page suppliment to document above. - (0.8-MB pdf)
  • LUCAS "Overseas Technical Correspondence Course"
    by Lucas Technical Service - Loose-leaf, 8-1/2" x 11", 282 pgs.
    This document details a correspondence course intended to be used in training full time dealer service personel who would be servicing Lucas electrical euipment. It is a very rare book never released to the general public.

  • "LUCAS Starting Motors"
    by Lucas Electrical Ltd - Loose-leaf, 8-1/2" x 11", 40 pgs.
    Details of Lucas starting motors, physical configurations, model numbers, part numbers, abd where used. (3.9-MB pdf)

  • "Owners Workshop Manual MG MGA & MGB 1955-1968"
    Brooklands Books Ltd. Paperback.
    Glove box size shop manual, 185 pgs fine print. In addition to the standard MGA, this covers the basics of the Twin Cam engine. Also covers basics of early MGB cars with diaphragm clutch, overdrive. Mostly mechanical, some electrical, not much about coachwork, and more limited than the factory shop manual. But it does cover most of the operating parts of the MGA, so it might help you out of a bind when traveling. If you use it a lot your eyes will go bad and the book will wear out. Good for the road trip if you zip it in the same baggie with the Driver's Handbook.

  • "MG Autobook Two" Autopress 1968
    7 1/2 x 10 inches 184 pages.
    A Workshop Manual for the MG, MGA, MGA2CAM and MGB.

    At 11:39 PM 12/17/04 -0500, Jeff Allen wrote:
    "I have one of these books. It is a 1973 reprint of the revised 1969 version. It's kind of cool because it was produced and printed in England. I think it is mainly nice to have as part of a collection. Most all of the illustrations seem to come from the BMC manuals and I'm not sure if there is anything in there that is unique. The original workshop manual or the Haynes MGA manual are probably the better things to have, along with the service parts list if you can get one."
  • "MGA 1955 - 1962 Repair Manual" by Haynes
    Hardcover or softcover.
    Current reprint of the original Haynes manual covering the MGA between 1955 & 1962. It covers all the variations, 1489cc, 1588cc, 1622cc and even the 1588cc twin cam models.
  • If you have one of these, you may be excused (if you wish) from buying the factory workshop manual. This has more photos but fewer illustrations than the factory workshop manual. Nice book, but not a total substitute for the real one. We can still talk MG Tech, but be sure to mention which book you have in hand to avoid confusion over printing differences.

  • "MGA MGB 1956-1980" Clymer
    Service repair handbook. 230+ detailed pages. 16 chapters covering MG's years 1956 thru 1980.
  • "MGA/MGB Owners Handbook of Maintenance and Repair"
    Clymer Publications, Los Angeles, 1971 (4th printing), paperback, 7 3/4" - 9 3/4", 476 pages. Complete specifications. Covers all GT and Tourer Models, tune ups, engine, ignition, fuel system, emission control, clutch, transmission, drive shaft, rear axle, suspension, steering, brakes, electrical, and drivers handbook. (Will not cover models after the printing date).

  • "MGA Owners Information & Technical Guide"
    by Todd Clarke -
    Over 40 pages of helpful text and diagrams. Written for the MGA enthusiast. Supplied spiral bound.

    os - "Schedule of Repair and Adjustment Charges" (23-MB pdf)
    Applicable to the United Kingdom - Issue 2 1958
    by M.G. Car Co. Ltd - Softbound - 5-1/2"x8-1/2" 24 pgs.
    Listing of service operations for the MGA with assigned cost for labor. This can be rather fun. If you can guess what the going dealer labor rate in British Pounds St
    "Schedule of Repair Times, MGA Twin Cam" (0.9-MB pdf)
    by M.G. Car Co. Ltd - Softbound - 5-1/2"x8-1/2" 16 pgs.
    Schedual of repair times for the MGA Twin Cam/ Issued as a guide to the MAXIMUM time alowances under conditions of normal wear and tear and based on the times required by the average mechanic using recommended service tools where necessary.

  • "Service Data - MGA Twin Cam" (2.5-MB pdf)
    by "Motor Trader" - 8-1/2"x11" 8 pgs.
    Eight page Service Data publication with Twin Cam data specificatons, including servicing for the chassis.

  • "SU Carburetors, Automotive Repair Manual"
    by A K Legg - published by Haynes
    A detailed book on all models of SU Carburetors. 126 pages. lots of black/white photos
  • "SU Carburetors Tuning Tips & Techniques: by Brooklands
    "Also Covers All SU Fuel Pumps" for numerous classic cars.
    Softbound and glove box size, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2", 192 pgs, B/W Illustrated.

  • "Tech Sessions from MGA!" by Mike Ash
    published by North American MGA Register
    A copy of all tech articles published in MGA! magazine from June 1988 through November 2003. 385 pages, b&w.
  • "Tuning SU Carburetors, Including Full Needle Charts" (1.7-MB pdf)
    by Speed and Sports Publications Ltd. - 1968
    Softbound 5-1/2" x 8-1/2", 52 pgs, B/W Illustrated.

    os -
    "Warrantee Certificate" (8-MB pdf)
    Original BMC warrantee certificate, double sided, high resolution, suitable for photo print and framing. Pay close attention to Item 1. For parts not manufactured by BMC you must seek warrantee satisfaction from the maker of that part.

  • "Weber Carburetor Manual" by Haynes Manuals
    "including Zenith Stromberg and SU carburetors"
    Softcover. 344 pages.
    Includes all popular Weber, Zenith Stromberg, and SU carburetors, including electronic and auxiliary starting devices. Step-by-step procedures and detailed illustrations guide you through every job.
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