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I Love My Car - ABC7 TV Car of the Month, (October 2006)

A lot of people had some fun with this one. An internet friend had casually mentioned that his brown rubber bumper MGB had won a few minutes of recognition on our local TV station as winner of a monthly contest called I Love My Car". This was staged during the morning news show in conjunction with the traffic reports. The idea was to submit a picture of your favorite car with a few words about why you love it. Every few days they would pick one of the entries and post it on the TV web site. By month's end there would be 10 or so entries on display, at which time they would solicit the TV viewing audience to check out the web site and vote for their favorite car from this list. After a few days of public voting the winner was announced on the air, and a few cheap gratuities like a corporate coffee cup and a calendar were sent to the winner. All in good fun.
Just a little snow
So I sent this picture which you may recognize by now as the winter cruise shot from a couple years earlier. I attached a few notes about driving it anywhere, any time, lots of miles, etc, and it was chosen to be in the contest. When it came time for the voting I dropped a note on the MGA BBS to let some MGA enthusiasts know what was going on. This inspired a little internet chat among some like minded MG enthusiasts who collectively got in the mood to post a vote for this particular MGA. Subsequently it won by a landslide, something like 700 votes when 2nd place, a Jaguar E-Type, had 110 votes (which might normally have been a winning number).

ABC7 TV "I Love My Car" - Car of the Month, October 2006

The interesting part was that this turned out to be a bit of a celebration of the world wide community of enthusiasts who have come to know this web site and like to participate in discussions, friendly jokes, and the occasional parlor game. They had a few days of fun pumping up votes for the MG, and the car got about 30 seconds of notoriety on local TV.

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