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  • The MG Series MGA brochure - Nuffield Exports -
    8-pages 8-1/2x11" - 4.1-MB pdf or
    2-sides 1-sheet 17x22" - 4.1-MB pdf

  • Designed to Steal Your Heart
    - Hambro Automotive Corp.

  • -- DOHC - D.O.H.C., Test Run at Lime Rock - CD with early infomercial - (books)

    -- TC-125 - 'Top Performance' SALES BROCHURE, Apr-1958 - (twincam)
    -- TC-126 - Twin Cam SALES PROMOTION Letter, 1-Jul-1958 - (twincam)
    -- TC-127 - Twin Cam PRESS RELEASE Letter, 15-Jul-1958 - (twincam)
    -- TC-130 - DEMONSTRATION DAY, Launch of the MGA Twin Cam - Jul 14 '58
      -- TC-130a - PRESS RELEASE PACKAGE - for Launch of the MGA Twin Cam
      -- TC-130c - "Debut by Demonstration" - from "Team Work" magazine - (twincam)
      -- TC-130e - "The New Twin-Cam M.G. - from "Motor Sport" magazine - (twincam)
      -- TC-130i - "Twin Cams for Performance." - from "Sports Car & Lotus Owner"
      -- TC-130j - "Trying the Twin Cam." - from "Sports Cars Illustrated" - (twincam)
      -- TC-130k - "Debut by Demonstration" - from "Motoring" magazine - (twincam)
      -- "M.G. Introduce The Twin-Cam" - from "Autosport" magazine July 18, 1958

    os Earls Court Motor Show 1958 Debut of the MGA Twin Cam - (13.8-MB pdf)
    os MGA Advertisements - MGA Club Holland (42 JPEGs)
    os MGA and MG Z-Magnette Advertisements - Rutger Booy (119 JPEGs at last count)
    os MGA Contemporary Ads - signs and literature - David Breneman (5 JPEGs)

    1st of a new line

    First of a New Line - (publication E5557)
    16-page brochure - 8.8-MB PDF file

    Big muscle in a small package

    the sports car today is an MGA.


    The new 1600 is here.

    The new 1600 is
    on the move.

    Start of a perfect day.

    Stormy weather.

    The MG has a magic of its own - 600KB pdf

    Twin-Cam MGA with Disc Brakes

    Pedigree of a Champion

    BMC has the inside track on outdoor fun

    actual Panorama!

    no wonder it holds the road! - Hambro

    A new chapter in MGA history - the entirely new MG A

    A new chapter in MGA history

    New Refinements - MGA 1600

    The MGA 1600 MARK II

    Poetry In Motion

    (publication MG154)

    A Birthday Wish

    the get-away car

    Options List MGA 1600

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