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  • The MG Series MGA brochure - Nuffield Exports -
    8-pages 8-1/2x11" - 4.1-MB pdf or
    2-sides 1-sheet 17x22" - 4.1-MB pdf

  • Designed to Steal Your Heart
    - Hambro Automotive Corp.

  • -- DOHC - D.O.H.C., Test Run at Lime Rock - CD with early infomercial - (books)

    -- TC-125 - 'Top Performance' SALES BROCHURE, Apr-1958 - (twincam)
    -- TC-126 - Twin Cam SALES PROMOTION Letter, 1-Jul-1958 - (twincam)
    -- TC-127 - Twin Cam PRESS RELEASE Letter, 15-Jul-1958 - (twincam)
    -- TC-130 - DEMONSTRATION DAY, Launch of the MGA Twin Cam - Jul 14 '58
      -- TC-130a - PRESS RELEASE PACKAGE - for Launch of the MGA Twin Cam
      -- TC-130c - "Debut by Demonstration" - from "Team Work" magazine - (twincam)
      -- TC-130e - "The New Twin-Cam M.G. - from "Motor Sport" magazine - (twincam)
      -- TC-130i - "Twin Cams for Performance." - from "Sports Car & Lotus Owner"
      -- TC-130j - "Trying the Twin Cam." - from "Sports Cars Illustrated" - (twincam)

    os Earls Court Motor Show 1958 Debut of the MGA Twin Cam - (13.8-MB pdf)
    os MGA Advertisements - MGA Club Holland (42 JPEGs)
    os MGA and MG Z-Magnette Advertisements - Rutger Booy (119 JPEGs at last count)
    os MGA Contemporary Ads - signs and literature - David Breneman (5 JPEGs)

    1st of a new line

    First of a New Line - (publication E5557)
    16-page brochure - 8.8-MB PDF file

    Big muscle in a small package

    MGA 1600 your Nearest Dealer

    Quicker in an MGA from University Motors Ltd

    the sports car today is an MGA.


    The new 1600 is here.

    The new 1600 is
    on the move.

    The octagon
    on the battle line.

    Start of a perfect day.

    Stormy weather.

    The MG has a magic of its own

    Sublime Style In Representation and Sport

    5 Favorites Rush To The Head

    3 ads from University Motors, Ltd.

    Jarvis of Wimbledon
    Cars for Sale

    Disc Brakes All Round MGA 1600

    Pedigree of a Champion

    Designed to Steal Your Heart

    BMC has the inside tack on outdoor fun

    Sparks for MG

    Toulmin Motors

    A new chapter in MGA history - the entirely new MG A

    A new chapter in MGA history

    The MGA 1600 MARK II

    Poetry In Motion

    (publication MG154)
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