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DEMONSTRATION DAY - July 14, 1958* - TC-130A
Launch of the MGA Twin Cam - (Pg 1)

This web page has contents of the factory press release packet for demonstration day.

Factory release date Monday, July 14, 1958.
Demonstration day Monday, July 14, 1958*.

(*various reports of the actual day of demonstration, 14, 15, 16, or 18).
Click for high resolution printable copy, (0.6-MB pdf file)

The cover envelope.

Front page of the first sales brochure for the MGA Twin Cam, a 4-page fold out with detail pictures and technical specifications. Click for larger 4-page copy (0.8-MB pdf).

These four photos with captions in three languages were high quality prints on single sided paper suitable for copying into various print publications. Notice each page is tagged "Copyright free". See the larger printable copy, (0.6-MB pdf file)

Click for high resolution printable copy, (0.6-MB pdf file)
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