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GREAT BRITAIN EXPORTS in the 50's - HS-103

"Britain is the largest exporter of Automobiles in the world, with a total of 506,000 passenger and commercial vehicles shipped to many parts of the world during the year 1951. More than half of Great Britains (sic) output were the passenger cars that are more and more commonly seen in the States. These small cars have become very popular recently, partly because of the low price and partly for the economy involved in running and maintaining them. Such names as Rover, Hillman, Austin, and MG are almost as well known today as Ford and Chevrolet. Among the larger more expensive cars shipped from Britain, are the Jaguar, Allard, Rolls Royce, and Daimler. Britain expects the demand in 1952 to break the record sales of 1951."

From Auto Sport Review - July 1952

The total number of vehicles exported in 2004 was more than double the figure for 1951 at 1,179,753 units, and that was 3% higher than the year before.

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