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Repair of TURN SIGNAL RELAY, 1500 only - TS-203

At 07:54 PM 2/13/05 -0500, Fred Stankovich wrote:

TS relay trimmed and bare The first attempt at refinishing my signal relay was a bust. At Radio Shack when I asked if they had anything smaller than 22 gauge wire the salesman said "No". Then I saw a package of "enameled magnet wire" on the wall that contained 22 gauge, 25 gauge and 30 gauge enameled wire. Exactly what I was looking for! I was sure that the original electro magnet was 30 gauge.

TS relay newly wound First we drilled out the rivets holding the contact plate. Then we ground down the fiberboard end of the electro-magnet to give some room to maneuver. After pulling off all the old wire I went to True Value Hardware and found just what I was looking for to feed the wire. 3/32 x .014 round copper tubing that I cut with a Dremel to about a 4 inch length. I threaded the wire through the tube and then started winding. I put about 12 layers of wire on the magnet. I took my time winding but it still only took about 20 minutes.

TS relay reassembled As per original I soldered a piece of heavier gauge wire to the ends of the 30 gauge and made the connection to the unit. I covered the winding with masking tape. Then I reinstalled the contact plate with small screws and lock washers. I crossed my fingers that it would not get too hot on the test bench. It worked just fine with very little temperature rise over 2 minutes. It was a fun project and saved me about $120.


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