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WIPER MOTOR Screws For Field Coil -- ET-217C

Bottom of the motor housing with the coil cradle reinstalled. Note that the two holes are closer to one end than the other so you need to install the cradle with the correct orientation.

On 5/23/2015, Tony Clarke wrote:
"I did the unmentionable and sheared one of the screws. Easy to remove, but have you any idea where I can get another?

On 5/29/2015 +1000, Tony Clarke wrote:
"I eventually found a self tapping screw with the same thread pitch and diameter but with a round head and Philips driver slot. I cut it to 1mm shorter than original screw then turned the head with a recess to match the original after which I ground hex sides to match the original and filled the Philips driver hole with solder. Hard to tell the difference!

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