The MGA With An Attitude

This is a modification you might consider the first time you have to dig the wiper motor out from behind the master cylinder on a left hand drive MGA.

At 11:33 AM 12/3/04 +0100, John Barrett wrote:
"Once bitten, twice shy! - After having such a struggle .... I did as the factory did on SRX 210 and subsequent MGB's. Place the wiper motor at the other end of the wiper motor pipe, i.e. on the RH side on the cockpit side of the firewall. The first time I did this I used the original wiper motor mounting bracket. The second time I built out the mounting bracket an extra inch from the firewall so it lined up better (co-linear) with the wiper gears. Another advantage is that the drive wire does not bend through 90 degrees as in the standard position. The drive wire has to be shortened a few inches and the 90 degree pipe can be used again from the right hand side wheel box to the motor (shortened and reflared using the usual brake pipe flaring tool). .... My apologies to the purists.

Yves Duhame in France did a similar conversion and supplies these pictures:

On 8/1/2014, Steve Miller wrote:
"This is my version of the wiper motor re-position. You can see the box I constructed to mount the motor to the firewall, and the simple and straight forward cable guide that really simplifies the entire system".

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