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"DYNALITE" looks like a dynamo but is a lightweight alternator

RAC006 - Lucas C40 Replacement

This device is very convincing, looking exactly like an original 22-amp generator, but it hides a 40 amp alternator inside. The main housing shell is also light weight aluminum in place of the original steel part, but will still pass as original when painted black or one of the original colors. For more information see web site at

Note that the C40 clone has the stepped case and is a standard model. If you need a C39 clone (with screw post terminals) for Concours originality on an early MGA or MGA Twin Cam, the part may be substantially more expensive and will likely have much longer delivery time. The company may offer to convert your original C39 into an alternator in less time, but then you would have the heavier steel case. Contact Racemettle about this issue before you make a commitment.

"DYNATOR" also looks like a dynamo but is a lightweight alternator

Lucas C40 Replacement

Here is another one very similar from a different company. In this picture the front pulley is different from original issue for MGA, but that may be negotiable or easy to change. This one also has a light weight aluminum body, plus a 50 amp output. See web site at WOSP.

Addendum April 2013:
I have heard several reports of failure of the Dynalite alternator. One case of failure to charge, another case of internal melt-down, and a few other cases just noted as failure. A couple of units I know were returned for warranty replacement. Some other people simply give up on the unit after a failure (or two). Failure to charge is a device fault, either mechanical wiring or the internal regulator. Melt-down is caused by overcharging, a fault of the internal regulator. While it may not be any more prone to failure than a Lucas alternator, it is certainly more aggravating considering the replacement cost and the single source supply and possible delay in delivery.

I wouldn't recommend this device simply as a matter of economics (too expensive). The only reason for existence of this device is for installations requiring more than 20 amps output (extra bright rally lights for instance) which are not allowed to run an alternator for certain competition situations. Even then the Dynalite is technically illegal, but may sneak past the tech inspectors. It is also no good for concours show since wiring on the control box must changed. This device is sort of a good solution in search of a problem, and quality level and reliability is currently suspect.

Addendum May 2014:
Bill Jeffries wrote:
"In the last year or so they've got cheaper and I've found one at 125 ($200) which has received many excellent reviews. Time will tell - but I'm delighted with the quality, finish and fit. It bolted straight up to the original brackets and adjusting arm and uses the original fan and pulley".

This is the 'Powerlite Dynalite' (alternator) which they say produces 80% more power and weighs 40% less than the original Lucas unit. Purchased through Accuspark, the same unit being sold for in excess of 300 elsewhere.

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