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All British Car Parts
  • British Car Cottage Industries - Special parts or services from small businesses
  • Leacy Classics, Perry Barr, Birmingham, UK
  • Moss Europe, Ltd., London, Bristol, Bradford, and Manchester, UK
  • Moss Motors, USA, Goleta, CA and Petersburg, VA, USA
  • Victoria British Ltd.,Lenexa, KS, USA

    Chrome Plating - (recommendations)
  • Art Brass Pating Seattle WA - "Beyond compare"
  • D & D Custom Chrome - 355 Dexter St, Providence, RI - Ph: 401-861-0621
  • Knox Custom Chrome, Knoxville, TN - "Very good work, reasonable prices"
  • Pacific Plating, San Diego, CA - (from James Alcorn, Autovintagery)
  • Tri-City Plating, Elizabethton, TN - "Honest, excellent work, reasonable prices"

    Electrical Parts
  • Advanced Distributors - rebuilding and recurving services
  • Advanced Dynamo Regulators - Voltage Regulator, Solid State for generator
  • Antique Auto Batteries - Hard rubber raised letter antique batteries
  • Dynamo Regulators Ltd - Voltage Regulator, Solid State for generator
  • Hooters restored. - The only stock of pre WW2 Lucas Altette Hooters as used on MG & others. 7000 orig hooters from 1900 onwards.

    Engine Parts
  • Basil Adams - Vandervell Bearings for MG, Austin, TR, and Jag
 - 707-762-0974
  • Deves Piston Rings - El Segundo, CA. All sizes available.
  • Crane Cams - MG engine camshafts
  • Elgin Cams - new and reground camshafts - Redwood City, CA
  • Hastings Piston Rings - choice of materials for nearly every application

    Fuel Systems
  • Burlen Fuel Systems - the only manufacturer of genuine SU carburetters, Amal carburetters and Zenith carburetters, pumps and parts
  • Joe Curto, Inc - East coast specialist in SU carburetors (among other things).

  • Classic Conversions - 5-speed for your MG - Treeton, Sheffield, UK - (broken 1/23/09)
  • Classic Conversions Engineering, Camarillo, CA - V6 and 5-Speed for the MGB (and maybe MGA).
  • Five Speed Co. - Five speed conversions. - Green Cove Springs, FL
  • High Gear Engineering - Five speed conversions. - Mickleover, Derby, UK
  • Jack Knight Technology Centre, Camberley, Surrey, UK - close ratio gearboxes for MGs -- Archive link June 2016
  • Overdrive Repair Services, Ltd - O/D repairs, and parts for MGB O/D gearboxes
  • Overdrive Spares - the overdrive specialists - Convert any rear wheel drive car

    Hydraulics -- Brakes, Clutch, Shock Absorbers
  • Apple Hydraulics, Calverton, NY - shocks, brakes, carburetors (I recommend avoid)
  • John Stuart Power Brake, Stoney Creek, ON, Canada - brake cylinder sleeving & shock rebuilding
  • Karps, Upland, CA - brake cylinder resleeving & power servos
  • Rochester Clutch and Brake Co - Rebuilding clutch pressure plate and friction disc
    35 Niagra St, Rochester, NY - Ph: 585-232-3717
  • World Wide Auto Parts - Remanufactured lever shocks, New Old Stock parts
  • White Post Restorations - Master cylinder sleeving - Full restorations

    Instrument Repairs
  • JDO Instruments, Keighley, UK - Original instruments repaired, serviced, upgraded or re-calibrated
  • John Wolf & Co. Inc., Willoughby, OH - restoration of gauges and instrumentation, including antique auto and aircraft
  • Mo-Ma Manufacturing - instrument repair - Email
    1321 Second Street. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102
    Ph (505) 766-6661 - Fax (505) 766-5419
  • Nichols Speedometer & Instrument, Greensboro, NC - Sales, service, restoration.
  • Nisonger Instruments, Mamaroneck, NY - the exclusive Smiths U.S. warrantee & service center since 1949
  • Speedoheads, Marlow, UK - David Hodgson - Tel 01628 898441.
  • West Valley Instrument Specialists, Inc, Reseda, CA - Ph (818) 758-9500

    Machining, Repairs, Tools, Misc.
  • Apex Automotive Engineering, inc, Bensenville, IL - Vintage engine rebuilding
  • British Car Cottage Industries - A web site for special or rare parts not normally found through the common British parts suppliers.
  • British Tool Company - Grand Rapids, MI - (Often broken link. Do not ask me)
  • Carcoon Storage Systems
  • Harbor Freight Tools
  • Hemmings Motor News
  • Hi-Tech Collision Repair - Home of The MG Doc, St Louis, MO
  • Just Brits - Parts and Service for Older British Cars.
  • McMaster-Carr - Fasterners & hardware, shop supplies, tools
  • Northwest Crankshaft, Stone Park, IL - Crankshaft grinding specialty
  • Teglerizer Engineering MG home page - Lots of MG links
  • The In-Point PTY Ltd - vintage MG tool kits
  • Wargo Automotive - Chesapeake, VA - Engine machining

    Parts & Parts Repairs/Rebuilding
  • Britannia Parts And Conversions Corp - Upgrade conversion parts. Canadian based company with USA
    (server not found, no such host, 12/28/13 and 2/15/14)distribution centers.
  • British Car Keys - original Wilmot Breeden keys for your MG
  • British Sportscar Center -West coast specialist in SU carburetors (among other things).
  • British Vacuum Unit, Canterbury, NH - Distributor Vacuum Advance Units to OEM spec.
  • Brown & Gammons Ltd, UK - the MG specialists
  • Classic Tube - Pre-bent exhaut pipes, brake lines and other brake parts
  • J.C.Whitney - Everything automotive
  • Just Brits - Parts and Service for Older British Cars.
  • Limora - Europe - MG parts, tools, accessories
  • Little British Car Co. and Vintage Motors - LBCC links
  • Lundgrens New/Used MG Parts - Links to over 150 suppliers of parts for your MG. (link broken 10/25/11)
  • MacGregor British Car Parts - specialists in weather seals and accessories (hardtops) - Dundas, ON, Canada
  • Maine Radiator Mfg. - cores needed to recore your vintage radiator
    (Get your local radiator shop to order the core and rebuild your original radiator).
  • MG Owners' Club - discount prices to members
  • Moss Motors Ltd. - America's oldest and largest British sports car specialist
  • Motorhead Ltd - new, used, rebuilt parts and restored British cars
  • Northwest Import Parts - exclusively selling MG car parts since 1984
  • NTG Services, Ipswich, England - Full line of parts for MG and other related cars
  • Sports Car Metal Works (UK) - MGA, T-Type, Triple M, Early MGB parts
  • Victoria British, Ltd. - Lenexa, KS
  • Vintage Motor Spares (UK) - Electrical and accessory parts
  • West Valley Instrument Specialists, Inc, Reseda, CA - instrument repair
  • White Post Restorations - Master cylinder sleeving - Full restorations

    Performance Parts
  • Addco - sway bars for MGs
  • Advanced Performance Technology - APT performance parts
  • British Automotive - street performance products for the MGA and MGB -
    MGA tech articles - MGB tech articles
  • Classic Conversions Engineering - V6 and 5-Speed for the MGB (and maybe MGA too).
  • George Folchi - Judson Supercharger rebuilding, parts, sales - Email: - Web site: (lame since early 2013, defunct since 2016, but find a late 2012 copy in the WayBack Machine)
  • High Performance Products - Superchargers - Croydon, Victoria, Australia
  • Pierce Manifolds, Inc, Weber parts, manifolds, cylinder heads
  • Quaife - the ultimate differential.

    Restoration and Sales
  • Auto Vintagery - James Alcorn, La Jolla, CA - MGA and Twin Cam specialist
  • Bob West Classic Sportscar - MGA & Twin Cam Specialists, hardtop parts, aluminum and fiberglass. Twin Cam body panels.
  • British Cars Of America LLC - service and restoration for MGs
  • British Sportscar Center -West coast specialist in SU carburetors (among other things).
  • Napean Classis Cars, Perth NSW Australia - restoration of MG cars
  • Simon J. Robinson Classics (UK) - British car restorations, service, and sales
  • University Motors, Ltd. - Ada, MI
  • White Post Restorations - Master cylinder sleeving - Full restorations

    Wheels, Wiring, Tires, Accessories
  • British Wiring, Inc - Bally, PA - Harnesses and connectors
  • Dayton Wire Wheels - Dayton, OH
  • Hendrix Wire Wheel - Greensboro, NC
  • HRE Performance Wheels - Alloy wheels for the MGA with an attitude, and your car too.
  • Lempert Wheels - Handcrafted replica original type and optional type steering wheels.
  • MWS, Wire wheel parts and repair services in the UK
  • Stockton Wheel Service, Custom & Specialty Wheels - Wheel Repair or Straightening
  • Tire Rack - South Bend, IN (also in GA, LA, NV)
  • Vintage Wiring Harness - Melbourne, AU - concours or special wiring harness
  • Ye Ole Wheel Shop - Elkridge, MD - wire wheel repair - Ph: 410-796-8400

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    MG Shops in North America -- MGA Twin Cam And "Deluxe" off site links

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