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Demis Aguilar, Havana, Cuba

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From: "demis aguilar" <>
Subject: I have an MGA. I want to join to your Club
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 22:20:44 +0000

Hello, my name is Demis I live in Havana, Cuba. I am 22 years old and I am owner of a MG MGA '58 and I have read much of the information that you have put in their web site. That has helped me a lot with some problems that I have had. I Wanted to know that possibilities have to join to their Club. Please I request I apologize but my English is not perfect. Awaiting your reply. Demis


From: "demis aguilar" <>
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 22:09:27 +0000

hello. thank you for the explanation. Pardon if I ask many questions but it is that I have the car very recently. I buy it for $8000 and this under very good conditions except for the engine that I had to repair it. It is a 1500 and I adapted him pistons at 76.40mm (LADA) for not having the originals. Now recently repaired it throws away me it oils between the engine and the gearbox. We will see for where it really throws away it. I believe that if I have to take out the engine again I will commit suicide. [Notice this prior sentence is gramatically perfect.]  for everything the rest I am very delighted with the MG. I should say that the crankshaft was left and I almost have to take out it "of under the earth" but the luck accompanies and thanks to god I found it. Here in Havana there is several MGAs but I believe that the most original is mine. the whole mechanics is original. the carburetor is a weber 40DCOE32. tell me that you believe of all this [what do you think of my car] and tell me in that price this valued in their country my car. thank you for the whole support that you have offered me. thank you. Demis

There was a longer exhange of information, as auto parts are very hard to find in Cuba. This young soul is well on his way to driving his very admirable MGA, and I suspect he will cherish it as much as anyone in the world.

From: "demis aguilar" <>
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2003 14:43:21 +0000

hello. here the pictures that you requested me are. pardon for not having responded you before but the computer is of the work and the connection failed for these days. I already solved the problem of the oil, I only lack it, like you can see in the pictures mount the engine and start it. [His engine is not "lacking oil", it only neds to be reinstalled]  Looks at the pictures and you will realize that the carb. it is a Weber but the intake manifold it is handmade. takes a look in the dash/instrument panel and you will see that the whole wood is made by hand, the gauges is original. tell me you that believes of all these pictures, and also show you them to the world. Very soon I will send you more images. greetings and affections Demis.
Dashboard and interior Rear side Wheels and tires Engine compartment Engine right side Weber 40DCOE carburetor on home made manifold

MGA steering wheel From: "demis aguilar" <>
Subject: hello here are the answers.
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 15:50:43 +0000

Hello. a lot of people have written me to my mail. I owe you thank you for what you have made for my. I will try to respond you the questions that you make me. The bald man that this with me in the picture is my stepfather. the blue car that you observe in the bottom is a Plymouth and the owners are the mechanics that are helping me to solve that of the MGA. Here I send you pictures of the Plymouth and the MGA. The tires are 185/65 r14 and the wheels are 14" "US Wheels". I will also tell you that the whole electric system is handmade that is to say I made it me with my own hands and without planes (I am technical in electronic and to invent it was not difficult for my). you are in the correct thing, the tail lamps is of VW.

Lament to tell you that the Vehicle Identification Plate was not when I bought the MGA. The number of the engine will send it to you later because now I am in the work and I don't have it now. On the filter of oil I have a lot to speak because I had to adapt a filter of a Soviet car (Moskovich). my car has disk brakes in the front wheels, but in the engine is written 1500. The number of the chassis is 38856. the radiator and the alternator is LADA. The rubber engine mount is handmade. the hydraulic hoses for clutch and brakes is LADA. the rubber packing kits for the hydraulic cylinders is handmade. the rubber boots on the steering rack is not present and I have not been able to them to find. I don't have anything on factory workshop manual or any other books about history or service of the MGA, only what I have been able to see in your web site.

I will tell you that I am going by an economically difficult moment. I am not under conditions of buying anything. Please don't misinterpret this but I don't have money, what you want to send, they can send it, for several mail agencies like: Cubapacks International or Western Union.My mail address is:
    Celedonio Bernal
    #10416 e/ Morro y calzada de bejucal
    Las Caņas, Calabazar, Boyeros
    Ciudad Habana, CUBA
I would like to have a spin-on adapter for the filter of oil. Thank you for the whole help. Demis

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