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THANKS From MGA Register, MG Car Club Victoria, Australia (August, 2010)

I get a lot of "Thank You" notes for this web site, like almost every day via e-mail. There is frequent banter on various BBS about appreciation for this web site. I even occasionally receive some small gratuity in the post (none or which is necessary, but I do appreciate the sentiment). But this one is a bit different, coming formally from a large club as a group and expressed in a very public manner. It was announced on The MG Enthusiasts' BBS about the same time the letter was put in the post. This is on the verge of being embarrassing (like my head wasn't big enough already).
Letter from MGCC, Australia
Grille badge, new
This is a very nice grille badge and pin, which I received along with the letter a week and a half later, having traveled nearly half way around the world to get here. By coincidence I just happen to have another grille badge from the same club, maybe an earlier model. This one was sent a couple years prior with similar sentiment, but I can't recall from whom.
Grille badge, old

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