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Avenue of the Giants
Avenue of the Giants

Traveling along the Avenue of the Giants in the Redwood Forest of northeren California in summer 1989, the MGA with an attitude met up with this All Terrain Mobil Kenetic Sculpture. The occupants, a pair of human power plants and a dog, were engaged in a kind of competition. This was one of about 20 radically strange pedal powered vehicles involved in a two year "race" from the west coast to the east coast, and back. Now that's attitude! What we have here is a 32-wheeler semi semi tractor tractor trailer rig with full flotation tires, bouyancy ehcancing styrofoam floats, paddle attachments for the drive wheels, 21-speed derailers and hand brakes. And just for the artistic touch, a bobbing bronze skull on the front of the lead tractor, and dual claxton horns to warn surrounding traffic of the onslaught of this speeding road train.

For an escort vehicle there was a fellow on a 10-speed pedal bike running interference and hazing traffic, and looking for all the world like a fighter plane protecting the mother of all bombers. The first day on the road the crew loaded the escort up with 70 pounds of gear and sent it home. The second day they kicked the dog out of the trailer and made him walk. When the MGA met up with them on the third day, they were discussing the possibility of a husky tow harness for the dog.  No one knows who was having more fun at that point, but we all nearly died laughing.
And to top it off, here's the word from the winners years later:

Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 12:51:32 -0500
From: (June Moxon & Ken Beidleman)
Subject: Cross country photo/ Kinetics

Location: Eureka, Calif.

Hi Barney,
We're the people in your photo, surprise! A friend of ours saw your web site and has one of those cars, he sent us the web site. Just thought we'd let you know that we were the only kinetic sculpture that peddled across the U.S. and Yes we made it. It took 28 months and weighed on an average of 2,160 lbs, we peddled from Ferndale, Calif. to St. Augestine Florida. The machine grew with time. This is what we looked like after 4,012 miles.

Avenue of the Giants, finishing
You gotta have some real attitude to pull this off !!!
Congratulations to the winners, June Moxon & Ken Beidleman.
One more time. Attitude is contagious. Pass it on.
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