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MUSIC You May Find Here

There are a variety of "period" tunes sprinkled through this web site. Most of them are synthesized in MIDI format, so the files are small, generally under 50kb, and those will download along with a web page. Assuming your media player works (and is enabled) you will find a control bar at the top of the web page where you can kill the tune or adjust the volume. If you get busted at work because of the music, don't blame me, as I would never recommend personal business on company time. In the rare case that there is some multi-media thing in here that requires a larger download or any special player, you will have advance notice of the file type and size and player requirements before you click.

If I keep my act together, this page should list all of the music files on this site, so you can tune in any time you like. There are also a few off-site links designated "os" for recommended listening, but those are usually larger megabyte size files. Enjoy the listening, but don't kill too much time doing it (especially on company time).

"Spinal Tappets": These are larger MP3 files (so you will need an MP3 player), time and file size noted. Oh, keep in mind they are TR folks.

  os Flatbed Parts and Money - 2:44 - 3.21-MB
os Gearbox - 2:42 - 3.10-MB
os Grindin Through The Gears - 3:39 - 4.28-MB
os Land of the Rising Sun - 2:31 - 2.96-MB
os Losing My Transmission - 4:01 - 4.76-MB
os Old Tyme TR-3 - 3:04 - 3.60-MB
os Push - 2:44 - 3.22-MB
os Rust in the Tin - 3:15 - 3.83-MB
os Smoke from the Dashboard - 4:27 - 5.23-MB
os TR-Man - 3:19 - 3.80-MB
os While My TR Gently Leaks - 4:11 - 4.91-MB

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