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HDC43-10106 - First MGA Out of the Factory

MGA 10106 Maynard's Garage logo The first MGA to be dispatched from the factory. Also the first exported to North America. Recently restored by Maynard's Garage.

Production of the MGA began May 16, 1955 with Chassis No. HD10101. On May 27, 1955, Chassis No. HDC43-10106 entered production. Completed and dispatched from the factory on July 13, 1955, MGA No. HDC43-10106 not only became the first MGA dispatched from the factory, but the first MGA exported to North America. Chassis No. HD10101 was not completed and released from the factory until July 27, 1955. The first 5 MGA's were painted Tyrolite Green. MGA HDC43-10106 was painted Orient Red and had Black interior and wire wheels.

HDC43-10106 is the oldest MGA in America. Although this car was manufactured and released from the factory in July of 1955, actual registration of the vehicle took place, in the U.S., in 1956. Therefore, in the U.S., it is considered a 1956 model. This car was the first of 594, Left Hand Drive, 1955 MGA's exported to the US. Discovered after sitting for 40 years behind a garage in California. It has now been restored at Maynard's Garage. The process has been recorded for video documentary. Photos of the work are on their web site -(Unfortunately their web site has been out of service since late 2007).

The prior web site is no longer working. There is a copy of the site here:

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