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After you have the hole in the fabric, it's time to set the top part of the fastener. Notice that the dot with the words "Lift The Dot" goes toward the edge of the fabric, where you will be able to get your fingers in later to actually lift it. If you install the fastener in the wrong orientation it will be very tricky later every time you want to lift the fastener.

You could use the sharp point of an X-Acto knife to poke four little slots to accept the legs of the fastener and push it in by hand. Since the board and anvil are still there from punching the hole, and I still have the hammer in my hand, I just place the fastener over the hole in the fabric and give it a few taps to set it in place. The four little prongs on the fastener cut their own slots in the fabric, just like driving a staple. The legs of the fastener go right into the wood with ease while the wood is supporting the fabric, so I get nice clean cuts and the fabric stays tight around the fastener legs. If you're worried about denting the fastener or chipping the bright finish, you can place a piece of flat metal or hard plastic on the fastener before hitting it with the hammer.

Inserting top half of LTD fastener
Setting (inserting) the top part of the LTD fastener
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