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REAR HUB BEARING, Cross Reference List -- RA-112

Original BMC part number 2K7477, rear wheel bearing for MGA (all) and early MGB through 1967. At least a dozen manufacturers use the generic part numbers LDJ40 or 4208.

Generic dimensions (in inches) for the rear hub bearing are:
ID=1.5748" (40.0-mm) -- OD=3.1496" (80.0-mm) -- W=0.9055" (23.0-mm)
4208 ball bearing

Bearing, rear hub, MGA all models 2K7477 BMC, British Leyland, Rover GHB127; GHK1133 BMC alternate numbers GHB127 Brown & Gammons GHB127 Moss Motors UK 127-600 Moss Motors USA GHB127 Unipart 5-765 Victoria British
4208 AHLBERG, CBF, County, FAG, France. INA, 4208 KOYO, KZ, L&S, NORMA HOFF, NIS, NSK, 4208 NTN, RBF, RHP, SKF, SNR, SRO, STEYR 4208 ball bearing B3030 BAPGEON 9191016 CHRYSLER P92124 CHRYSLER 60135 Continental Motors 140DR FAG 1525643 FORD A720X1225HA FORD ERB37 FORD 140DR FAG, HOFFMANN 100577 Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz N5092 LANDINI 87-51180-0900 MANBUSS 420 NSF 41-97 R&M LDJ40 R&M, RANSOMES LKJ40 RHP 5AA RIV

4208 ball bearing

Austin Healey 1953-1956;
MG, MGA, All;
MG, MGB, 1962-1967

On 11/27/2017, Mark Hester wrote:
"I just brought this from eBay, as I don't like the plastic insert one's Moss are currently selling. For the Twin Cam, rear disc run out is a problem, as it knocks back the pads and also wears the rear nuts which are now rocking horse poo to find".
4208 ball bearing
There are a lot of variations (options) for bearings, including bronze, steel or plastic ball retainers, and various combinations of side shields and seals. Original bearings had metal ball retainers and are definitely open bearings so oil can flow through them when the bearings are runing in oil bath from the differential. Side shields and seals are not recommended (although they do not necessarily harm the bearing).

There may be a difference in the grade of precision. Bearings that are tighter (less internal clearance) are intended for high precision and low speed applications. Bearings that run looser are intended for much higher speed applications, but are not so precise for shaft location. For aftermarket bearings one should pay attention to the grade level, as looser bearings may be common (being cheaper) but not so good for mid speed automotive wheel bearings.
4208 ball bearing

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