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MG 'Q'-type Midget -- HS-105-Q

MG 'Q'-type Midget -- 1934

Two-seater racing model, with blown version of 'P'-type engine, in chassis and body similar to 'K3". 746-cc, 4-cylinder, ohc engine, supercharged with 24/26 psi boost (113 bhp at 7200 rpm). Four-speed preselector gearbox. Set 750-cc Brooklands track record at 122.4 mph. No wings, no lights, no windscreen, and running on mixed alcohol fuel, definitely a dedicated race car, not a streetable sports car. 8 built.

The car in the pictures is for sale (March/April 2013). For as long as the web link may last, enjoy a video drive in the MG Q-type.

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