The MGA With An Attitude
MG 'F'-type Magna -- HS-105-F

MG 'F'-type Magna -- 1931-1932 - ('F2' 2-seater shown)

Engine developed from 'M'-type with two extra cylinders. 1271-cc, 6-cylinder, ohc engine (37.2 bhp at 4100 rpm). Four-speed gearbox. Centre-lock wire wheels. Two-seater ('F2') and 4-seater tourer and salonette (both 'F1' and 'F3'). 'F1' 8-inch brakes; 'F2' and 'F3', 12-inch. Approximately 1250 built.

MG Magna F-Type, 1931

MG Magna Abbey Coupe, 1932

MG Magna Continental Coupe, September 1933

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