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FALVEY Imported Cars in Detroit - HS-104F

On 29 Jul 2012 Bob Boyer in Royal Oak, MI, USA wrote:
"FALVEY Imported Cars was located at 22600 Woodward Avenue, and phone# was 543-5000. My father was one of two salesman from 64 to 1976. He was first salesman to win the MG Century Award for selling 100 MGs seven years in a row. British Leyland didn't know what to give him since he took all previous awards so they gave him a 1975 white mg roadster. He and my mother also went to England to film commercials and billboards. Lawrence Falvey at one time was THE Jaguar distributor in the USA. All other dealers had to place orders through him during 50s and 60s. He finally sold rights back to British Leyland mid to late 60s.

Motown studios was still in Detroit during 60s, and my dad sold Jags to Diana Ross, Berry Gordy and Marvin Gaye. He also sold Jags and Rolls Royces to Muhammed Ali and Sammy Davis Jr. For a small dealer, Falvey moved a lot of cars. MG,Triumph, Jag, Healeys, Aston Martins, Saabs and Rolls Royce. Toyota, Datsun and Honda begged Mr. Falvey to distribute their vehicles, but he never would touch Japanese cars. Falvey moved to Troy, MI in 1976, and our family moved to Florida where my dad ran a Chevrolet dealership until 1983. Mr. Falvey passed away and dealership became Jaguar Of Troy which I think became number one jag dealer in USA during the 1990s. My dad, Robert Boyer Sr. retired in 1999, 35 years in the car business. Hope you find Falvey history interesting". -- Bob Boyer Jr.

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