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THIRD BRAKE LIGHT, Variety 2 for MGA - ET-240D

This one was done by David Lake, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. He reports:
"Here is my new third light. It is a 120mm tall led light from 'LED Technologies' (25R12) mounted in a post which folds down between the seats when the tonneau is closed. I have wired the light to be on as a running light as well as the brake light. It's bright, unobtrusive when not on, but very bright when ON. The folding post is held in place with a small spring to the side and an aluminum bracket fixed to the rear of the rail of the cockpit".
Brake lights to left, running lights to right.
3rd brake light, MGA
3rd brake light, MGA 3rd brake light, MGA
"The bracket is folded from 1.6mm aluminum and looks a bit like a rams head with the horns turned inwards. The center of the bracket is fixed to the central rear rail fixing bolt. The upright is 32mm elliptical tube. The existing tail lights are old school globes. The beauty of the light is it can be up or down and easily operates when the hood is up. It is a little short for the hood use but we wanted it to be very discreet when sitting by itself. We ran a thin double wire to the rear right tail light. We also included a plug at the bracket just in case we needed to remove the light".
3rd brake light, MGA 3rd brake light, MGA

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