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In-Car VOLT METER Mounting -- ET-220A
This article and photos are compliments of Russ Sharples in New Jersey, USA.

I installed a voltmeter. I had been trying to find an easy to view place to put it that didn't alter the stock appearance. It came out pretty well. I have a generator with a stock control box. The voltage is generally between 14 and 15v while running at speed. Idling with the headlights on for a while and you can see it drop down to around 12. The needle fluctuates about 0.2v as the blinkers blink. This makes me think there has to be some resistance in the ignition switch. The voltmeter is connected to the second blade connector on the switched side of the ignition switch [MGB or aftermarket type ignition switch].

Installed via one of the existing screws that holds the trim panel in place. This does shift about if you knock it but I'd rather not drill another hole in the panel.
voltmeter voltmeter voltmeter

Here's the wiring arrangements - I used an old black power cord to get 3 heavy conductors inside one sheath (ground, +12v to the meter, and the lamp). The gauge pod came from The gauge is held in the pod by a black "rubber band" that makes it a friction fit inside the tube of the pod.
voltmeter voltmeter

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