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WIPERS TWO SPEED With Relays, Installed #1 -- ET-219A
MGA Two Speed Wiper Motor Conversion - by Colyn Firth

On 7/2/2013, Colyn Firth wrote:
>"I am in the middle of fitting an MGB 2-Speed wiper motor to my car using your suggestion of 2 micro relays and a standard MGA light switch".
[See the relay connection diagrams in prior article ET-219].

>It is part 2 of the process as I first fitted the motor in june 2012 in preparation for a trip with 5 other MGAs on a tour of the Mont Blanc region. I used the MGB toggle switch to operate the motor and it worked just fine but I wasn't totally happy with the look of the switch.

>I kind of rushed the process and somehow managed not to connect the motor self park circuit which is surprisingly irritating to live with. The mounting plate for the motor that I fabricated turned out to be a bit too narrow for the hold down strap and so I pop revitted a piece onto it to make it bigger. This worked out fine but looked a mess. Lastly the new 105 degree crank wheel that I had fitted still caused the swept arc of the wiper blades to run slightly off the top and bottom of the screen and it was damaging the rubber blades
>So I have finally got around to putting these things right and replacing the toggle switch with an MGA pull type light switch. I have made a much better mounting plate for the motor, fitted a 90 degree crank wheel to reduce the swept arc, mounted the relays onto the motor plate and made up a new wiring loom with a 6-pin connector block in line so that I can really easilly remove the motor as a unit in the future.

On 7/2/2013, Colyn Firth wrote:
>"The plug-socket idea has already proved its usefullness as I have had to take the motor off at least 4 times in this process. I can now remove it in about 5 minutes, most of that time is taken up by unfastening the nut which fastens the tube to the motor as I can only get the spanner to turn the nut about one flat at a time. I have to take the motor out again because I forgot to check which direction it turned when it parked the wipers. They park at the wrong side (for a UK car) at present and I have to reverse the switch inside the motor by 180 degrees to sort it out. The 2-speed wipers really did prove themselves when we came back through Europe last year on the freeways having to drive at high speed in heavy rain to catch the last ferry of the day back over to the UK.

On 7/24/2013, Colyn Firth wrote:
>"I have finished the wiper project. It works great by the way and I'm pleased to get rid of the odd looking toggle switch on the dashboard.

Addendum May 2, 2016:
For a somewhat expanded version of this article, see "Converting The MGAs Wipers To 2-Speed" (612-KB pdf file), as published in “Safety fast!” November 2013 (Now updated for LHD Cars).

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