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The MG Series MGA Service 1600 Parts List
Includes 1600-MK-II and Competition Suspension (the "Deluxe" option)

Service Parts List 1500 For those people who do not have access to the official Service Parts List for MGA 1600, here is a printable copy in PDF format. It is split into 23 separate files so folks stuck on slow data links don't have to download it all in one bite. You will need PDF reader program to view the PDF files. This issue includes amendments up to and including PMG/8/3, which includes the MGA 1600-MK-II model and the Competition Suspension option (all wheel disc brakes and knock-off steel wheels, often referred to as the "Deluxe").

Introduction                      (0.6-MB)
Index, Alphabetical & Part No's   (2.3-MB)
A1: Engine 1600                   (1.9-MB)
A2: Engine 1622                   (1.7-MB)
A3: Oil cooler, Exhaust, Controls (0.6-MB)
B:  Ignition Equipment            (0.2-MB)
C:  Cooling System                (0.3-MB)
D:  Fuel System                   (0.9-MB)
E:  Clutch                        (0.5-MB)
F:  Gearbox                       (0.6-MB)
G:  Propellor Shaft               (0.1-MB)
H:  Rear Axle & Springs           (1.8-MB)
J:  Steering Gear                 (0.4-MB)
K:  Front Suspension              (1.1-MB)
L:  Shock Absorbers, Rear         (0.1-MB)
M:  Braking System                (1.1-MB)
N:  Electrical Equipment          (1.9-MB)
O:  Fascia Panel & Instruments    (0.2-MB)
P:  Road Wheels                   (0.2-MB)
Q:  Chassis Frame & Body Mount    (0.2-MB)
R1: Body Assembly (R.1-R.21)      (2.5-MB)
R2: Body Assembly (R.22-R.46)     (3.3-MB)
S:  Tools, Paint, Literature      (0.2-MB)
          Total all PDF files = 22.0-MB
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