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The headrest fairing was never factory accessory part, but it may have appeared on a few works competition cars in either sheet steel or aluminum. It was otherwise a fairly common period modification on privately owned competition cars. As you can see it pretty much only goes with a cut down windscreen and no top, so it was not very popular on daily driver cars.
Headrest fairing
Headrest fairing
However, there seems to be quite a rash of these things showing up on recently restored cars that are restyled to look like race cars. In addition to the short windscreen such cars may also have bumpers removed and a Sebring style flush fit front valance panel installed. This particular headrest fairing was recently purchased as a fiberglass aftermarket accessory part from Auto Vintagery in California. It is installed with clips so it is easily removable when the owner wants to revert to full windscreen and rag top for foul weather use (or just to open the boot lid).

Headrest fairing Headrest fairing

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