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BANANA LAMPS for Rear Number Plate - AT-156

Banana lamps for rear number plate (from Italy)

Banana lamps for rear number plate (from Italy) The banana lamps for rear number plate present an interesting styling effect, doing away with the upright bracket for the number plate and resulting in a more aerodynamic effect. The tag numbers are applied directly to the car body.

This MGA was imported when new directly to Italy in 1956. The number plate is the original one issued in 1956. The lighting was modified in the late 1950's as Italian road rules changed to require separate turn signal lamps (and side flasher lamps). The banana lamps were made by Carello (Italy) and are quite rare on the market, they were called "luce targa banana Carello" (banana plate light Carello).

(Yes we know the overriders are upside down
and the demister vents are backward).

Banana lamps for rear number plate (from Italy)
Part Number: 10.700.580N -- Models: Lancia/Siata/Ferrari/Viotti

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