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Lucas 700 FLAMETHROWER Spot Lamp - AT-111A

In your face vintage style road lighting, brought to you by Martin Straka.
Lucas Flamethrower spotlamp

Custom bracket for spotlamp The mounting bracket I made has solved the problem of a secure and vibration free 700 flamethrower spotlamp. It mounts behind the center bumper bolt and uses a badge bar clamp to mount to the badge bar. The typical twin brackets that work well and mount to the rear of the over riders were in the service of the two 576 foglamps. The weight and depth of the 700 posed a problem when it was mounted to the badge bar with a Holden supplied spotlamp clamp for that purpose. It would move out of adjustment and the focus danced all over the place due to vibration. Also to 700 lamp had to be mounted to one side because of clearance problems with the grill.

Holden 'lamp steadies' and special extensions
When used with the Holden supplied 'lamp steadies' (love those English terms) - turnbuckles as we know them - all works well. The leather straps and drilled aluminum plate with the steadies are my creation. Along with the bracket all parts installed give a period appearance to the car. The central mount puts the pencil beam directly between the high beams for a nice tunnel of light. - Martin Straka

Three lamp supliment
Close up of mounting
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