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This is a Museum of the Dead. Some of these things leave you stranded, some not.
broken crankshaft
Broken crankshaft. - Driven 40 miles to safe harbor before repairs.
For details see Tales - July 5, 1989

clutch release bearing
Slightly worn clutch release bearing. Was someone resting a foot on the clutch pedal?
(Photo from Eric Erickson)
  Fractured halfshaft
10-spline halfshaft giving up after 47 years, 340,000 miles (and Barney's heavy foot).

clutch release bearing Valve stem broken at the keeper groove. Field repair with chewing gum and a hair pin allowed this to be driven 180 miles to safe harbor before repairs. This came with the problem pushrods at right.

Tubular pushrods failed
Tubular pushrods failed at 2400 miles
Click for full report.
Removed 1 pushrod and drove home.

Pushrod bent
Cause of this one is yet to be determined. It came from an engine with big valve head (probably shaved a bit), and eyebrows cut in the block. Possibly eyebrows were not deep enough, or maybe the valve guides were too high.

failed alloy valve spring caps
Alloy valve spring caps fractured due to faulty manufacture. - Click for full report.
Driven 150 miles under 4000 rpm running on inner valve springs only.

cracked steel disc wheel I encountered a LOT of cracked steel disc wheels before I switched to alloy wheels.
Click for report with caution notes.

badly worn clevis pin
Badly worn clevis pin. More common than you might think.
  Worn out differential carrier bearing
Badly worn differential carrier bearing with races out of plane. How loud can you yell "W-H-I-N-E" (before it goes crunch)?

Twisted steering shaft
This is not the way to adjust your adjustable steering column. I wonder now hard you have to hit a curb, and how tight you have to hang onto the steering wheel to make that twist in a steel shaft. -- (Photo compliments of George String).

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